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When I Grow Up IM Going to Be - 1148 Words

When I grow up Im going to be... How often you must have said the words above when you were younger! You wanted to be a motion-picture star, an acrobat, a fireman, or a sailor. Now that you are older you realize that choosing a vocation is not a simple matter. In fact it is one of the most difficult and most important decisions of your life. Upon it depends your health, happiness, and usefulness. Soon you will be one of many boys and girls who each year go out in search of jobs. Start preparing for your lifework now while you are at school. Study purposefully. You will save yourself many future headaches. True, a few find their lifework accidentally, but there are hundreds who never find their right vocations at all. About 20 per†¦show more content†¦Have you a pile of manuscripts hidden away? Do you give puppet shows for the neighborhood children? Do you like to fuss with flowers and plants? Out of your hobby may grow your vocation. As a boy Thomas Edison like nothing better than to tinker with the apparatus in his laboratory. Whatever you choose as your lifework, your chances for success depend in a large measure on your physical and mental well-being. Although your health is largely what you make it, there are individual differences in strength and endurance, which must be considered in the choice of a vocation. The work of an actor, aviator, or reporter is physically more arduous than that of a librarian or writer. A physician, whose rest is interrupted by emergency calls, must have robust health. Select a vocation for which you are physically qualified. When young people enter a job or university/college, school officials are called upon to write letters of recommendation. What is your attendance record? Your school record? Do you participate in sports, other activities? Are you trustworthy? Even when there is a labor shortage, employers want to know these facts about their prospective employees. You are making now the record upon which the schools recommendation will be made. You are interested in a certain broad field of work it may be scientific, mechanical, or commercial. Or it may be artistic work, work with nature, or with people. You n also have a rough ideaShow MoreRelatedPersonal Identity Essay968 Words   |  4 Pagesthat have shaped me into the person that I’m today are my family, the people that I grow up around, and some of the events In my life. There are many events that have shaped me into the person that I’m today and not revengeful. Also the people that I have grown up around has dramatically helped shape me into the person I am and not winsome and irrevocable. My family is one of the main things that have helped shape me into the responsible and capable person I’m yo day. One of my early memories winsomeRead MorePersonal Goals Paper518 Words   |  3 PagesGoals Paper I want to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself in the arena of public speaking. I want to meet new people. I want to share my ideas with people who havent always known me. I want a boat. I want to enjoy myself at work as much as possible. I want to grow. I want to learn. I want to feel challenged. I want to create something that is mine. I want to make my parents proud. I want the feeling of accomplishment. I want more responsibility. I want more money. I find myself onRead MoreMy Moms Role Model For My Mother900 Words   |  4 Pagesperson I’m super grateful for. She is my main role model and I wish to be half the person she is. Someday I wish to be half as strong she is, I’ve watched my mom go through so many things growing up and she pushes through everything. She has a had a major influence on my life with teaching a whole lot of things that I will need to have a successful life. She has taught me how to be stronger person, that nothing is going to be handed to you, to never give up, and always to help others when you canRead MoreMy Strengths And Weaknesses Of Leadership Skills1333 Words   |  6 Pages When you enter a room and walk in to a group of people you may not know it but you are demonstrating group leadership skills. These leadership skills have a large range of things you may have to master. Some of these skills well be strengths and some well be weaknesses showing what type of leader you could be in a group. Because of this I am going to go over three of my strengths that I have identified with over time, and three weaknesses that I have identified with over time. My strengths thatRead MoreDescriptive Essay About Women In Entertainment1738 Words   |  7 PagesWomen in Entertainment Essay I’m Paulina Villalobos, I’m Hispanic and I love new experiences. Both my parents were born in Mexico and immigrated here when they were young adults. I have an older sister and a younger brother, leaving me to be the middle child. I like reading, going out with friends, and spending time at home watching TV or movies. I started reading at a very young age and haven’t put a book down since. I just love how people can create completely different worlds and share it withRead More Live Today†¦Strive for Tomorrow Essay1031 Words   |  5 Pagessenior year is here, and passing quite quickly. Each day â€Å"I walk with a purpose, but no destination† (Ehrlich 232). I’ve had this same purpose etched in my mind since I can remember, it occasionally changes, ever so slightly, but remains consistent—to surpass people’s expectations and achieve something out of the norm. College is around the corner, but where will that be, what will it b e? Close to home? A Thousand miles away? Why am I so concerned with this aspect of life—is it because that’sRead More My Five Year Plan After Graduation Essay1249 Words   |  5 Pagesgraduation I plan to obtain a masters degree in law enforcement. Right now Iam really not sure what I really want to truly do for the rest of my life. The only thing I like doing is finding clues and figuring out the criminal in mystery books. I know that sense I like doing that, it leads me to desiring a position as a detective or something dealing with the FBI. Im thinking that its most likely that I will go to a university. If I do, I will go to the University of Phoenix. I’m attending theRead MoreShort Story1651 Words   |  7 Pages2 pip Twenty million rand worth of shares... - How does that sound to you? - Twenty million? I thought you wanted to think things through. I have. Im in. The alliance between the Celes and the Morokas... We have to keep it that way. We cant let Siphesihle destroy it. Give me solutions. Not problems. I think I know someone who could help us get in. Yster. Water, please. You will get water. You have to talk first. How do we get inside the compound? How do we get inside the compoundRead MoreDescriptive Essay : Fuck 885 Words   |  4 Pages Fuck it. Why am I still here? I’ll ask myself this over and over again until I’ve developed a tic in my eyelid because I’m so stressed out. No one knows why I’m still here. Not God. Not me. Not him. I think we’re all waiting for the ball to drop and for shit to blow up. It could be today, or tomorrow, or in 10 years, but it’s coming. It hangs in the back of my mind like a migraine headache that builds a little bit every day until it becomes the whole world, blinding you to anything else outsideRead MoreWriting Is Not My Cup Of Tea1215 Words   |  5 PagesWriting, the simple word that sends most kids running for the door. I don’t necessarily run, but writing is definitely not my cup of tea. A good piece of writing usually doesn’t have my name written on it because it’s a good piece of writing. It has perfect grammar and spellin g and the commas are in their right places. Good writing isn’t just about the basics, though. It’s about how things move together and how there is a perfect balance of long and short sentences. A good piece of writing is supposed

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The Rise in Police Brutality Essay - 5198 Words

The Rise in Police Brutality Police brutality and corrupt cop issues have increasingly risen. The problems posed by the illegal exercise of police power, which is an ongoing reality for individuals of a disfavored race, class, or sexual preference. There are innocent people beaten or put in jail or prison. They can be helped, but the ones beyond help are dead. There are good cops and there are bad cops. Under the law, article 7 states: ?No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhumane degrading treatment or punishment? (Amnesty 42). The definition of police brutality is the excessive use of deadly or physical force made by a police officer or officer of the law. By kicking, punching, using weapons, shooting,†¦show more content†¦Article 7: No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment or punishments. Article 10: All persons deprived of the liberty shall be treated with humanity and with respect for the inherent dignity of the human person. Article 26: All persons are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to the equal protection of the law. Source: Amnesty International Report. United States of America Police Brutaility and Excessive Force in the New York City Police Department. [online] Available 42-43. June 1996. Knowing all this, these are the guidelines, which the police are supposed to follow. Why isn?t police brutality being prevented? ?The average police officer in America is never going to draw his gun during his entire career.? Said a former NYC Commissioner of police (Rockwell 1). Yes it?s understood force is sometimes necessary to refrain criminals when they get out of line, or put the police officers life endanger but: ?The idea of inherent criminality, the belief that people who commit crimes are animals and incapable of rehabilitation leads police to treat people brutally. By refusing to prosecute police the justice system promotes police brutality? (Rockwell 2). The majority of the victims of policeShow MoreRelatedPolice Brutality Is Not On The Rise1029 Words   |  5 PagesPolice abuse remains a significant problem and not enough reform has been made to prevent it from occurring. Around 1000 people were killed by the police in 2015, and over 100 of them were unarmed. The intentional use of excessive force by a person with authority, which oftentimes ends with injuries and sometimes even death, creates a bad perception of police officers and distrust between cops and civilians. To rebuild the relationship between people and police reform needs to take place. Law makersRead MoreThe Rise Of Awareness Of Police Brutality Towards Black Males965 Words   |  4 PagesAlthough written in the late 1980s with the rise of awareness of police brutality towards black males in America, it is clearly evident that black people are treated differently especially in terms of racial profiling. According to analysis by New York Civil Liberties Union, in 201 3 83% of the people stopped in New York for a frisk and search were black or Hispanic with only 12% being white and of all the people stopped 81% were completely innocent. Racial profiling causing an uneasiness to thoseRead MorePolice Brutality Of The United States1415 Words   |  6 PagesPolice Brutality Police abuse is one of the most violated human rights in the United States. Police are portrayed as heroes that stop bank robbers, stop kidnappings and catch murders, but as of recent year’s police actions have come into the public eye. While typically citizens worry about their safety from criminals, it also seems they have to keep an eye out for the people who are supposed to protect them from danger. Thousands of complaints about police brutality is reported each year, and seemsRead MoreThe Social Problem Of Police Brutality1458 Words   |  6 Pagesproblem I would like to conduct sociological research on is the use of excessive force used by members of the police department in recent unconscionable shootings of unarmed civilians. With all the recent attention that the people of Ferguson Missouri and New York City have been able to rise on this issue, making it a media sensation, it seemed like a good topic to discuss. Police brutality is an egregious, ongoing problem in our society that, until just recently, has been accepted as a sad fact ofRead MorePolice Body Cameras On The World870 Words   |  4 Pagesby officers’ decline 60%, and citizens’ complaints against police fell 88%†. (Christopher Mims) The introduction of police body cameras impacted the world in many better ways than bad. But, police body cameras were introduced due to the public s awareness to police brutality and numerous of publicity deaths which has impacted the outcome of police interactions. Police body cameras were first thought of when an awareness of police brutality was brought upon the public. With the help of cell phoneRead MoreOrder in Society1253 Words   |  6 Pagesfundamentally on a police force to enforce laws and punish transgressors. However, a constant problem cities face has been not only ensuring that policemen do not abuse the power and authority they are given, but that no personal bias enters into their work. Police brutality against citizens involves the use of excessive force when physical action is unnecessary, and it springs from factors such as the race, religion, and socioeconomic status of civilians. Misconduct and violence by the police can occur duringRead MoreThe Problem Of Police Brutality1646 Words   |  7 Pages One of the biggest problems that plague America is police brutality. The job of the police is to protect the community they’re assigned to work in, from any illegal activity that occurs. However, there are officers who believe they are above the law. Police brutality has been a political oppression that has been occurring more many years. There’s been many cases of excessive force towards innocent civilians by an officer that has sparked a national outrage. Stephan Lendman of Media with ConscienceRead MorePolice Brutality And The United States1286 Words   |  6 PagesPolice brutality continues to be one of the most serious and contentious violations of human rights in the United States. The unreasonable amount of force used by police officers prevails because of a lack of accountability. This makes it feasible for officers who do violate human rights to get off clean and recommit the violation. A sad fact is that police and/or public officials deny time after time any claims of human rights violations, claiming it was an abnormality, when they should be takingRead MorePolice Brutality And The Law Enforcement846 Words   |  4 Pagesdemonstrating the brutality of law enforcement has been becoming more frequent over the past couple of years. When you hear about these cases of police brutality, how often is it that law enforcement officials are punished for the crime they have perpetrated? Most of the time the law enforcement officials, who are very well in the wrong do not get any kind of punishment whatsoever for the crimes that they have committed and it all comes back to the power that they have. Police brutality cases have beenRead MorePolice Brutality Of African Americans1405 Words   |  6 PagesIn recent years police brutality towards African Americans has increased. This violence has resulted in riots across the United States. The August 2014 death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri many Americans, some who are former Civil Rights activists, have spoken out against police brutality. Black Lives Matter states that the movement’s goal is to bring justice to the present unjust police killings of African Americans. Looking at prior cases of brutality and its connection to racial profiling

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My Inaugural Address on Judgment Day Essay Example For Students

My Inaugural Address on Judgment Day Essay MY INAUGUAL ADDRESS AT THE GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGMENT OF THE DEAD Alvin MillerSeptember, 2005 PREFACE Important note: Read my 1986 booklet (at before you read this. What follows is a rough draft transcript (subject to change when I actually give it) of my inaugural address (presumably in Washington, D. C.?) before global television at the Great White Throne Judgment of the Dead, after I have raptured out billions! corpses laying on the ground a fairy dump rabbits running in the ditch. Feel free to believe what Ive set down here are the ravings of a madman, because that is precisely what they are! I have assembled this book in a series of vignettes. Norman O. Brown, my mentor, used a similar technique.Youll find I use terminology that may seem alien to Christianity: wizards, witches and fairies, etc. Part of the problem that the King James Bible mistranslated the word sorcery referring to potions. This is strictly adult material. This is off limits to children, and this means you. If your jaw didnt drop when you read my 1986 booklet, I 100% guarantee it will drop now. You will note that the paragraph tabs are sometimes off. This is due to a ma lfunction of the word processor. So, finally, it all begins next page!MY INAUGURAL ADDRESS AT THE GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGMENT OF THE DEAD Introducing Myself(The time is midnight E.S.T. I stand before global television to explain my rapturing out billions. I made the broadcast at this hour to help prevent the possibility that any children would see this, although in different time zones around the world children are up). Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Im addressing you from Washington, D.C., the political capital of Hell. I have descended here to the pit of Hell to address you. Before I begin, I want to insist that no children view this broadcast. This is off limits to anyone under 12 years old. Leave the room, and go to bed! You will find that I talk fast, that I change the subject frequently, and in general it will come across as incoherent gibberish. Youll wake up tomorrow morning and go what did he say? Youll try to remember, but youll have a hard time. I urge you to record t his address, and to watch it several times, as each time youll pick up more. Youll notice that I will be talking a lot about myself this evening. This is because the more you know about where Im coming from, the better off youll be. Let me formally introduce myself. Youve seen me before, but now Im going to reveal who I really am. Have you ever seen a ghost? Have you ever seen a spook? Now you can say youve seen a ghost. Im the ghost with the most. Im the space ghost. You have seen many ghosts. My colleagues are on practically every street corner in every city around the world, ranting and raving and spouting gibberish. When you look at me youll see that I have no eyes empty sockets instead (waving my hand in front of my face). I am an invisible man. There is no person here, never has been and never will be. You are looking at a total vacuum. There is nothing here only empty air. When you look at me you see no person you are looking directly at my Id my unconscious. And most people find it highly disturbing to look at the face of the Lord, my face. In fact , Im a raving lunatic, and this insanity I have is a deadly poison. Most of my fellow mad people are bottom feeders. With this disease, we are incompetent to keep ourselves together, and we fall to the bottom, with many becoming homeless, committing suicide or drugging themselves into oblivion. It makes us into total misfits. DOAs Dead on Arrival. Jesus, a poor Jewish peasant, was a bottom feeder also. When youre on the bottom, you look up at all the so-called leaders, and you know that all of them are the wrong people.As Jesus said, it is wisdom hidden from the wise, but given to babes. If you have ears to hear, Jesus was himself also mad. The gods must be crazy! Jesus was very sensitive to natural disasters, because like them as a madman he was walking dynamite liable to explode at a moments notice with all the force of an earthquake. Jesus was a piece of human waste human garbage. And so am I. A significant number of theologians, and I also, believe Jesus was the bastard son of a Roman centurion. The idea of virgin birth arose because an Old Testament scripture was mistranslated. We the gods live in a parallel universe right next door to this one. I stepped through the looking glass on my mission. Just like Jesus, I am here to serve. I dont want you to worship me. You dont have to believe a thing I say. Believe what you want. For example, you may believe Im the Antichrist, which I deny. But believe what you want. Your beliefs dont concern me. Im here to straighten out your behavior, specifically, as you will see, your behavior in the bedroom. That is the special mission Im on. When you see me, youve seen the father. Every eye shall see him. There can be only one. Both Jesus and I are in fact wizards. I am the second most powerful wizard that has ever walked the face of this earth. Jesus is better than me for two reasons. Jesus was working in his thirties, half my age. He has me beat, because his member would come up better than mine. Im twice the age he was when he was preaching, and mine doesnt come up like it used to.Also, he had sharp wit and eloquence and always said the right thing. By contrast, I tend to ramble. You have met your maker. You object that you see nothing but a lunatic standing here. But, I, God, did make you in the following sense. I set the rules for you to live by the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount. If you disobey my rules and go to Hell, as always, I get my willie working below my belt and rapture you devils out. It was always ambiguous about who would be raptured out. Would it be the Elect or would it be the lost? The answer is both! Anybody and everybody that I could remove I wanted gone. You who are left behind that I am addressing are the same mix as those I removed. Who was right: The Catholics with no rapture or the Fundamentalists? The answer that neither was! We did have the rapture, but it was simply me laying out as many corpses as I could. Every one I raptured, including the Fundamentalists went nowhere except to their graves, becoming wormfood. My planet is in emergency mode, with billions of you devils running around destroying it. Im getting ready to give you the judgment. I wash my hands of you! I would like nothing better that to stick all of you devils is a gas chamber and slam the door shut! Once again, I, Victor Frankenstein, have created another botched laboratory experiment. I have to remove you, so I can start over again with a new Adam and Eve. Get off my planet you devils! Get off my planet! Ive had it with you!You are made in my image. This simply means that you dont have to live with continuous mental and physical pain that we mad people specifically the gods feel every day from sunup to sundown every second of our lives. What I have is contagious, infectious and deadly. Dont come close to me! Let sleeping dogs lie! The Wolf Man was lucky, because he shape-shifted only once a month at the full moon. I, by contrast, shape-shift all day long from second to second. I melt down and reform myself into a another person regularly. If I get around anyone, involuntarily, I form myself into a duplicate of them. Part of t he power I possess is to temporarily pass on to you the continual pain I feel (mass psychosis). The source of the pain we mad people feel is you with all the evil deeds you do. When you commit evil acts, we are put into pain. (Imitating the weird voice of the Shadow) Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows! For awhile, you get to walk in my shoes. And when you do so, you drop dead in your tracks its my deadly blessing! (I start singing the rock song) I got the power! I got the power! Indeed I do have the power, and its is a deadly poison! Out of all the millions of mad people on the planet right now, probably less than a handful possess all the powers I have.Madness is incurable, and there is a progressive deterioration. I am at the final stages of a fatal disease. My brain has melted into goo, and Im in continuous physical pain. Jesus of course had the same affliction. Again, the gods must be crazy. Mad people such as I are instantly and permanently into t he mystic, but not by choice. There have been numerous highly evolved spiritual beings on this planet, but madness is a cheap and easy way to instantly get to the mystic. Moses, for that matter, had the same affliction. He was his own special effects man, as when he bested the Egyptian wizards in his magic duels. I, like Moses, am accompanied by my magic wand. Its below my belt.Norman O. Brown in Closing Time quotes James Joyces Finnegans Wake, He lifts up the lifewand and the dumb speak. At one point during the Exodus, the Hebrews he was leading decided that Moses was out to kill them. After all, they knew he was mad. When they protested to him, Moses dropped two of them dead in their tracks.. Moses said that God struck them down, but it was really only Moses doing the special effects. Im the CaptainI, Captain Nemo, am the captain of this ship always have been and always will be. But, as passengers, I advise you to stroll over the decks to the railings and look over the side of the ship. You see the name Titanic painted on the side. Now look down at the waterline. Theres a huge gash and were taking on water. Were going down! Soon well be underwater. Glub! Glub! Not much time left.. Glub! Glub!The JokeI want to start off with a little humor. Speakers always begin with a joke:I notice these days that so many of you have piled on the pounds, youre getting the love handles, and some of you are so roly poly that youre round like a beachball. There is a reason youre that way. Just like pigs led to slaughter are fattened up so that the flavor is improved, we, the fairies, have stuffed you full of fairy food junk food laden with fat and calories. This is so that when we slice you up and cook you, the fat gives more flavor. Twilight Zone: Cookbook To Serve ManIm sure that has you rolling in the aisles. But seriously, you spend billions every year on diet products and gym memberships. I am going to save you a lot of money. Im going to solve your problem. Youll find that when you have no food at all to eat, you have no problem losing weight. It will melt right off. .The Great White Throne Judgment of the DeadNow that the preliminaries are out of the way, we can get to the main business of the evening. I have you summoned here this evening for a special reason. Welcome to my Dead Mans Party! Step forward ladies and gentlemen. And as you step forward, you will notice that all the doors behind you are being slammed shut and barred. You are going nowhere. You are going to stand before me and not move! (Stolen from Vincent Price House on a Haunted Hill). Right here, right now, this very moment at the witching hour of midnight is the Great White Throne Judgment of the Dead! This is the Second Resurrection. As Joyce prophesied in Finnegans Wake: Array! Surrection! Resurrection and array. Receive your Judgment from the Lord. Im getting ready to give you the Dr. Strangelove address. In the film, he was an ex-Nazi whose message was: the apocalypse is here and head for the hills the same message as Jesus. First of all, why do I say you are all dead? I am addressing only dead people this evening. That is you and you and you (pointing to members of the audience). You have passed over. You are no longer human! You once were. Then you became the Godless Wicked. And now, in fact, you have become the devils, demons and monsters of Hell. You have passed over to the Twilight Zone, the Forbidden Planet, the Forbidden Zone, the Dead Zone. Everyone on this planet had been dead since I and my assistants (known variously as angels, scanners, watchers, dreamers, hearts) first blew the horn in the seventies. Now the Judgment begins. You hold paper and pens in your hands. You are going to do some writing for me. John of Patmos and others have described what is about to take place. But they saw through a glass darkly. What is going to take place is somewhat different from his description. You are going to be fast, accurate and you are going to leave nothing out. What you write will determine the Judgment you receive. Write the number 1. on the first line. On that line, write the name of the first person you ever in bed with man, woman, child or animal, whatever it was. Write nothing else on line 1. Now, immediately go to the next line, and on line 2, fill in the name of the next person or animal or whatever you were in bed with. And continue until you list all the names. I realize some of you devils here in Hell dont even know the names of a lot of them. Put a question mark on those lines. While you are writing, Ill show you my list which I prepared in advance. On it is the number 1., and the rest of the page is blank. Ive been in bed with no woman anytime, anyhow, anywhere, anyplace whatsoever. I want to heartily assure you that I am perfectly capable of being with a woman, and have always had a constant craving to be with a woman. I knew in my cradle that I was never going to be with a woman. In high school, as I remember, I went out on two dates. They were not my idea. They were arranged by others. However, I do own up to being up close and personal with pornography off and on all my life. I had to see what I was missing, and, clearly, I was missing a lot. I had to be sure I understood the old lock and key mechanism, and rocket science its not. Ive seen people kissing, but I would have to be taught how to do it. What always happens to me when I try to talk to a strange woman?Instantly their eyes get wide, they start smiling, and I see them backing off. Shortly thereafter theyre gone, and I see them later whipping back and forth in front of me chasing after the hun ks and studs. They chase after them because they know that they can put them under a spell charm them with their looks and make then into beasts of burden at their beck and call. Putting under a spell is ancient terminology for hypnosis. Women wont get near me with a ten foot pole. They know what I am: a weirdo, a creep, a psycho, a loser. I dont blame them. Im a powerful wizard, and if they get around me, Im going to put them under a spell, and not vice versa. One of the problems I had with women, is that I insist any woman Im with be also a virgin. I refuse to accept second hand merchandise, used castoffs some other man has pawed over. And virgins are hard to find here in Hell.Just like Jesus, my precious seed packet has gone missing. And precisely because I cant get laid the regular way (ghosts cant do it), when I do get my rocks off, its the shot heard round the world heard not with your ears but inside your head mass psychosis. As Led Zeppelin sang, your head is humming, and it wont go! Joyce has seven thunders in the Wake. Even though he died in 1939 and didnt get to hear the first Thunder (mass psychosis) in 1973, Joyce prophesied, One stands, given a grain of goodwill, a fair chance of actually seeing the whirling dervish, Tumult, son of Thunder.Joyces thunderclaps are the voice of Gods wrath (my voice) which terminates the old aeon and starts the cycle of history anew. In the Wake, these Thunders occur in various settings, such as an Irish pub, and no one seems to notice them.Baby, you stuck up you pretty little nose at me and wouldnt give me any pussy! Youre going down! (pointing my thumbs down) Im going to take my revenge on you, little miss pretty! And dont dare think youre going to give me some pussy now that you see me! Its too late, baby. Youre going down, little miss pussycat! For what you did to me, Ill have no women around me at all. So, now stop writing. If we waited until everyone finished their list, wed be here all night. Some of your lists would extend to the floor. You dont need to show me your lists, because I already have that information. I keep a number of books around here. One of them is my Book of Human Works where I record your deeds, good and bad. That Book partly determines the Judgment youll receive. But Im not going to open it tonight. Instead, Im going to open my most important and legendary book that I keep The Book of Life. Im sure youve heard of it.I am the only individual qualified to open this Book! Here I record the names of those who have eternal life. (holding up the Book of Life, which is invisible). You might interrupt me here and go Wait a minute, Lord, youre shucking me, you have nothing in your hands! I reply, that I can see it and read it quite well, even if you cant. John of Patmos had described the contents, but again not quite accurately. It works as follows: when everyone is born, no matter where on the planet, I record their names. Now I have to stop for a short digression. Im ne ed to go pick up the Tree of Life. We had it in the Garden of Eden, and we will have it back in the New Jerusalem, where I am going to lead you. Youll remember that in the Garden there were two trees: The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (Morality) and the Tree of Life. When Adam and Eve portook of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, they were ashamed of their private parts and covered them up with fig leaves. The Gods (plural the Elohim) were sore afraid that Adam and Eve would partake of the other Tree the Tree of Life and become like one of us and become Immortals. So they were banished forever from the Garden. By the way, when Adam walked in the cool of the evening beside God, Adam was walking beside a nutty fruitcake, one of my predecessors. Getting close to one of us is dangerous. Were walking timebombs!Were liable to explode!So here comes the Tree of Life that makes you immortal. Here in Hell, I realize Im throwing pearls before swine. What Im getting ready t o say will strike you as totally absurd. It is one sentence long. It is: No one, not anytime, not anywhere, not ever is permitted to stick it in! It is always a crime to stick it in. I use the word crime, because the word sin means nothing to you devils in Hell. Everyone automatically assumes they are always permitted to put it in, but no one is permitted to, ever! In the New Jerusalem, there will be two classes of people. The rulers are those who havent put it in. The second class is those who have put it in. The second group will be under stringent conditions. First, they will serve their masters those who dont put it in. Further, the second class will be virgins until their honeymoon night, and be loyal and faithful to their spouses all the days of their lives and never stray. There will be no adultery in the New Jerusalem. There will be no prostitutes. There will be no prisons or military weapons there swords melted down into ploughshares. There are no multibillion inhabitant N ation States. There will be no gays or lesbians you will be back in the closet. You learn new things in Hell that you couldnt know otherwise. Im referring to the pedophile Catholic Priests. It turns out that they werent making much of a sacrifice, since they didnt want to be with a woman in the first place. The women will all look plain in the New Jerusalem. Theyll wear no makeup. What do you find when you go to a maternity ward? Youll find that the number of boys and the number of girls is roughly 50/50. That is, there is one boy for every girl. This means that for every man there must be one woman only, and vice versa. The story is only one per customer. Now back to The Book of Life (I open it). Because the Tree of Life says that no one ever puts it in, there should be no names in the Book at all except virgins and those who are chaste. But Im a merciful God, and have made the decision to include the names of those who have been loyal to their spouses. There are no other names in the Book! The Book is very small indeed compared to the total population. If you are a Christian and have served the Lord all your life, I love you, but whether you name is recorded in the Book is solely determined by what you did in the bedroom. Nothing else matters about you. I am a functionally castrated man. I have a completely useless appendage below my belt, just like someone 2000 years ago. The worst heresy you could ever utter about Jesus was that he had been with a woman, such as the case of the Da Vinci code. I am castrated, and I am here to castrate you! As Jesus said, There are eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the Kingdom of heavens sake. The thing to notice about Jesus in not his marvelous teachings. What you need to notice is that he wasnt getting laid he was a eunuch. The wording of Jesus saying implies that Jesus could easily been with a woman all the hydraulics were in place. I cannot possibly be with a woman, although my plumbing is in excellent working order (ghosts cant do it). I sometimes got a sympathetic shoulder to cry on from women but nothing else from women.The bottom line is Im a man. I look around and see all the devils here in Hell (again, pointing to all the audience members). I refuse to bring a poor innocent child here into Hell. By definition, anyone who would father a child here is a devil. There should be zero children on this planet! Every child is by definition is the spawn of one of you devils. As Jesus prophesied, For the days are surely coming when they will say, Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bore, and the breasts that never nursed.' Also, in that day, woe to them that are with child.. Manhood means knowing when not to put it in. With the crisis upcoming the Great Tribulation this is an excellent time not to put it in. Troubled World EssayWhatever religious faith you believe in put on the armband. Put a gold cross for Christians, crescent for Muslims, Star of David for Jews, black 0 for atheists, hammer and sickle for Communists (Im one of the last of them on the planet), question mark (?) for children, etc. Remember that Hitler had all Jews wear a yellow Star of David. They were thus labeled as outcast vermin on the bottom. Here those Jews eligible will wear the white armband to indicate that they are on top the Elect. Again, the last shall be first.In addition to a marker for their faith, virgins will have a V on their armband. Those with a V are eligible for my High Command. Those who are chaste will add a C. Those whove been faithful to their spouses will add M for married. Instant ProphetI can make anyone an instant 100% accurate prophet. What was the one thing that everyone knew in the Roman Empire at the time Jesus was preaching in Galilee, even without newspapers? They all knew that in t he Roman Cities, especially Rome itself, they were having fabulous orgies. The automatic consequence is that Rome was going to fall. And we have had even better, more astonishing orgies starting in the late sixties. The only thing that slowed it down somewhat was AIDS. The orgies held in Rome cant hold a candle to the orgies weve had here. Thus, Western Civilization is toast. The horse (Western Civilization) were riding has keeled over. And theres no use beating a dead horse. The writings on the wall! The moving finger has writ! Tis nothing less than the end of the world! The stars are falling out! As Chicken Little proclaims, the sky is falling! Chicken Little is on movie screens November, 2005. The WitchesIm here on a mission. Ive come to remove all the dolls! These are dreamgirls, and that is precisely where they should be. You should never be able to see them in flesh and blood. Im going to put them in back your dreams where they belong. And after I remove them, youll dream about them at night youll remember how gorgeous they looked and have wetdreams about them. Im going to take them all back to where they came from back to Witch Mountain. Thats their home they like it there. And at night when the moon comes out, theyll all strip naked, join hands in a circle, and do the moondance, the Witchs Sabbat. I am going to make sure and keep them there once I have them there, and youll see no more dolls. This is a Witch Hunt! The one and only original Witch Hunt, and Im the Witchfinder General! Let me be clear. Im not talking about the little pagans or wiccans. There arent many of them, and they are all nitwits. They dont have any power at all. If they were real witches they would recognize the millions of powerful witches, the dolls, we have here in Hell. My Favorite SportNow I want to describe my favorite sport. It is the sport of aristocrats, the sport of royalty, the sport of kings and the sport of Gods. This is how I did my magic act and raptured billions out. What I do is a dance. Quoting the song: I got a new dance, and it goes like this But actually, its an ancient dance going back to the Stone Age shamans. This is the dance that all native medicine men do. Let me give some names for my what I do: Rain Dancing, Rain Making, Doing The Swerve, Space Fucking, Fairy Fucking and finally the best and most descriptive name: Fairy Bowling. Feel free to practice this by yourself or in groups. Develop your own style. Have fun with it. I stand and start flipping, flinging, flipping, flinging, flipping. As a wizard, Im going to call up a rainstorm, thunder and lightning (holding my arms up, I start flipping , flinging, flipping). This is the gesture that priests use when sprinkling holy water. Im a thunder roarer! I get it working, get it working, flipping, flinging. What am I flipping? It never was about liquid H2O, water. What I am flipping is sperm. I get it working, working and after a while the slime starts flying here, there and everywhere. Eventually it starts raining men planetwide. My fellow mad people know about this rain that falls on a sunny day a phrase from a rock lyric. The clich bag lady who wears tin foil to protect herself knows about the lightning I send. Mad people use the metaphor of being struck by lightning or electricity. But it is just drops of jism. When youre struck by jism, its hot and it sizzles, it tingles and you think of lightning or electricity.The idea is: in my minds eye, I see he r. Shes miles away, and there is no phone line. But Im going to let her know that shes a gorgeous doll, and that I am the man she should be with,and not the man she is actually with. Its a long distance love affair. Im going to send a guided missile straight towards her a cruise missile. Shes standing there as my cruise missile comes whipping towards her. Remember Lots wife in Sodom. She turned to stone a pillar of salt. So the doll is standing there and Bam! shes hit on the head with the big wad of cum I sent her. Her eyes roll up until you see the whites. Her mouth drops open. She goes rigid and starts wobbling like a top -she turns to stone and then Boom! She falls still rigid to the ground. (I crook my elbow and hold my arm up and clench my fist. I cup my arm in my other arm. Then I start wobbling my arm round and round until, finally, it goes flat). Fairy bowling! The idea of the sport is to see how many tenpins dolls you can knock over. Im the best ever at the sport. I can knock over millions of dolls!Was I feeling any grief over the people I raptured out when I called up my storm? Not at all. They were all only devils here in Hell. They were all warned. Simply read the Book of Revelation. I and my angels have been blowing the horn repeatedly since the seventies and not a single one of you repented. But I did have two concerns with respect to my fulfilling John of Patmos promises. First, Im an elderly geezer and my member doesnt come up like it used to. I was concerned I would fizzle out and remove only a few million. That wouldnt be enough to get you devils to change your behavior in the bedroom. John of Patmos had promised a quarter to a third of the planet raptured out. Secondly, when you call up a storm, there is always the danger that the wizard himself will get swept away, because it is uncontrollable and unpredictable. Happily, I made it through, so that I could fulfill John of Patmos promise that I would be standing here giving you the Great White Throne Judgment of the Dead. Defeating the Whore of BabylonThe question of the evening is: Which man can bell the cat? Which brave hero can slay the dragon? Which man can defeat the Whore of Babylon? Which man can domesticate the Whore pacify her and put her to sleep? Perceptive observers have noted that the Book of Revelation has the structure of a fairy tale. It is not a fairy tale is the sense of being a myth or being untrue. One part of the fairy tale is the fairy test: Which man can defeat the Whore of Babylon? Being a fairy test, if any man attempts and fails, the Whore gobbles you up and drinks your blood. Many men have tried, and all have been gobbled up by the Whore and had their blood drunk. The Whore is not a supernatural entity. She is simply the collection of all the dolls all the millions of dolls. When you approach her, shes gorgeous, and the first idea you have about how to pacify her is to unzip your pants and stick it in her. If you try this way, you loose, and she gobbles you up and drinks y our blood. Instead, the way to defeat her is to keep your pants zipped up, raise you arm and slime her right between the eyes. Her eyes roll up till you can see the whites and her mouth drops open. Youve put her under a spell, youve hypnotized her, shes pacified. She goes to sleep. Ding dong!, The Witch is dead, the Wicked Old Witch!Getting You To Change Your Bedroom BehaviorOnce we get to the New Jerusalem, everyone will know what everyone is doing in the bedroom. This is not your private affair, or your own personal business. It is vital that everyone knows exactly what everyone is doing in the bedroom. Adam and Eve fell, because they were ashamed of their private parts. We will not be ashamed of our private parts in the New Jerusalem. We are going to fall again, but into innocence this time. It will be public knowledge what were all doing in the bedroom. In the defunct Marxist states, everyones every movement was under constant surveillance. That was not what needed to be done. T he only thing that must be monitored is that everyone must know precisely what everyone else is doing in the bedroom. Not else matters about you.. It must be public knowledge This is what is not done here in the West. You may have a little knowledge about what your fellow workers are doing in bed, but overall you dont know as much as you need to know. Im going to tell the same story three different ways. You are really going to have change your bedroom behavior. Version 1: If you as a man walk into Sodom, where the one thing youve got is a woman (you can also have a man if thats what you want). There is nothing else, it is total chaos and anarchy. If in this place you cannot get laid, then suddenly you become an extremely important person . Because all you have to do is get your willie working below your belt, and you can blow the place to smithereens! Version 2: Dont try to put me, God, in Hell. Dont even think about it. Satan is my servant and not vice versa. If you do try, I ll get my willie working below my belt and again blow the place to smithereens! In my second all time favorite movie, Legend (1985), Tom Cruise in fairy pointy ears is in Hell and attacks Satan. This is what I as a fairy did. I beat the Devil!Version 3: This is the stupid version. My good man, your getting way to much. Its good stuff. And youve got more than you can handle. Im horny and I need a woman.Youve lots of women and I have none. What are we going to do about it with me standing here? If you dont get your dick straightened out, how about me ripping your lungs out, friend! I cant stand it, and I wont put up with it!Who is the most degenerate sex fiend on the planet? Satan is a notorious degenerate, but has access to all the most gorgeous dolls on the planet who are all in his service and at his beck and call. His lusts get slaked. For me it is water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. I Must Rule!I was born to rule, and this is what you must let me do. I came to power by blackmail. I raptured out the people to demonstrate my power (just like the madman is my all time favorite movie,- The Brain from Planet Arous)Like me, he was also a sex fiend. Im standing here on a mound of corpses. Why dont you want to start listening to me?The blackmail was either I rule, or I remove lots more. I have an agenda. The planetwide New Exodus is here, and Im going to lead you to the New Jerusalem. This process will take several centuries. Ill say mo re later, but heres an indication. The New Jerusalem is all the multimillion inhabitant cities in ruins, and there are be no longer any nation states, with the total population of the planet much less than one billion. No matter how much you may legitimately hate my guts, I must rule! And I have more blackmail so I can accomplish my mission. I am the only person on this planet that possesses the roadmap to the New Jerusalem. No one else has a single clue! You have to be a fairy (which is the next topic) to possess it it is a fairy treasure map. Its inside my head. I ll have lots of goons and thugs around me to protect me, but even so it is quite true that you can take me out. From your point of view, thats what youll want to do. Youll go This suckers giving us pain. Lets take him out. Heres where the blackmail comes in. If you do take me out, the blackmail is that since Im the only person with the roadmap, additional billions of corpses will be laying on the ground. Ill take that tr ade off my life for the benefit of additional billions gone. Im going to save you a lot of tax money. I work for free. And the government that I will assemble will be a small fraction the size of the multimillion Federal Government. Youll no longer have to pay salaries for the one hundred Senators or the four hundred plus Congressmen and their thousands of support staff. The size of my Federal Government will be miniscule compared to the present one. Im a Fairy In Fact, the King of the Fairies!Freud had it right the Oedipal Triangle. The hunk, stud or gun I mentioned earlier is the father (in my unconscious). And the doll is the mother. And Im the son of a gun, S.O.B. When a stud fathers a child with a doll, you have the recipe to grow monsters, the Biblical Giants. Actually, in my case my father was a sweet preacherman, and my mother was good, but I still turned out a monster. Im the Beast slouching toward Bethlehem that Yeats wrote about in his poem The Second Coming. That poem is my favorite. Let me quote two lines:The best lack all convictions, while the worstAre full of passionate intensityAs the Beast I am of the worst, and you will notice that I am full of passionate intensity a fanatic..Norman O. Brown has James Joyce saying, not pater noster, but panther monster. Specifically, Im a case of arrested development in my paranoid schizophrenia, an example of stunted growth. Im a dwarf. How old am I? My inner child, my emot ional age is two years old. A little child shall lead them as Isaiah has it. They call it the terrible twos. Children at that age own the world and are little tyrants. Complete brats. Now that Im King of the World, Im in the same position as that child the world is mine!I am forever young. I am an authentic fairy, a Peter Pan. And I definitely do not mean that Im gay. Im the boy who couldnt grow up. James M. Barries Peter Pan was partly autobiographical. The New Jerusalem will be the perfect place for me, because there you do little work beyond puttering around in the garden, and a few other chores, There you dont have to accept adult responsibility. The New Jerusalem has other names: Never Never Land or the Land of the Lost Boys. What do I have to offer to a woman, me being a dead fairy? Can I entertain a woman, can I amuse a woman, can I interest a woman? I cannot be in any kind of an adult relationship with any woman. Being around me is like waiting for paint to dry. Being around me is like waiting for grass to grow. I am into the mystic 24/7 totally against my will. As I have said, we have had many highly evolved spiritual beings who have gone through highly elaborate rituals to get to the higher planes. I am not one of those. Against my will I am permanently into a trance. And it gets even worse. I only approached a select few women, knowing in advance what the answer was going to be. Women almost always say no the first time. They are negotiating what they are going to get out of it. Every time I got no on the first try, I walked away, Fool that I am. And every woman knew instantly what I was. Any woman who had said yes was in for an ordeal, degenerate sex fiend that I am. I can never get enough, and I can never get satisfied. I would work her over for hours and hours on end even days. No woman wants to be put through such an ordeal. It offends her dignity.. You should have noticed by now that I have a very immature, infantile view of women. This is simply because of the fact that I am an infant! By the way, all magicians are children in the body of a man. Babies see objects appearing and abruptly disappearing without explanation. That dont know that objects cant do this. Most especially they see mommy with her milky teats appear and disappear withou t notice. They havent learned the constancy of objects. Thus, they believe in magic, like magicians where objects are apported or vanished from thin air. Real magicians, such as I am, again, are babies in a grown up body, and that is the basis of our power. Sigmund Freud was right. Its the oedipal relationship between mother and son. If you want to go instantly mad, all you have to do is stick your head up your mothers dress, and sniff mommies panties. When you come out, youll be drooling, raving maniac like me. The Tarot CardsIf you go to a fortuneteller, youll see them stack the Tarot cards in piles of suites. This shows they dont understand the cards.The cards are simple narrative, start to finish. The cards must be laid out in order. The 0 card is the Fool starting out his journey in life in tattered clothes with the dog nipping his heels.With each new card he picks up new life experiences and strengths. Near the end is the Tower of Babel card . The Tower is being struck by lightning and has caught fire.People are jumping out of the upper windows. The Fool is the one causing these special effects. And this precisely is what I did during Tower of Babel World Trade Center attack, where in addition to the planes, separately I called up my invisible rain and lighting planetwide. In the last card, the Joker/Fool, who has jest come to crown, the wild man from Borneo, stands as the hermaphrodite King of the World. Thats who you see. Me. Standing in front of you as King of the World! However, I dont plan to wear an actual crown like the Fool. Let me elaborate a moment on Mass Psychosis. Both Freud and Jung taught that the unconscious is collective. It is the common possession of all of us. Everyone on the planet is wired together by means of this collective unconscious. This is the transmission medium I use on my weird radio. The message I send on it when I get inside your head is frequently garbled, and it fades in and out. The transmission medium is not always clear. Now that you see me in person, I can tell you straight out what the content of the message I was transmitting was. It was: Shes getting too hot. Danger! Danger! The women are getting out of us mens control!Leaving the FleshpotsLets play the childrens game.Hot and Cold (holding up my arms). Youre cold. Youre warmer. Your getting hot. Your the hottest! Bingo! You found it. Its my dick! The bird is the word the spermatic word as Norman O. Brown has it. Sperm is the word of the Lord. In the beginning was the word. God said let there be light. Translation: My pr edecessor and his angels were sounding their trumpets to close out the latest cycle and begin a new one sperm and slime flying everywhere rapturing out the people of the previous cycle. Understand that this is not about your kissing my dick. Im not here to lord it over you. Im no sadist. Im no bully. Again, Im come to serve. Im the Good Shepherd come to rescue my lost black sheep (you devils here in Hell). Just like Moses led the Hebrews out of the fleshpots of Egypt on the Exodus to the Promised Land. Im come to lead you out of the fleshpots of Hell on a New Exodus to the New Jerusalem. Im here to lay Satan down for the last time. I am here to harrow Hell, in Christian terminology, And the nightmare that were about to embark on will be with all of you and with me until we reach our physical graves. After we go through whats coming up, I guarantee you Satan will never be loosed again. Youre getting ready to be punished for your faithful service to Satan were going to go through the Great Tribulation. But let no one, including the idiot suicide bombers, denigrate the amazing scientific achievements, etc. youve accomplished in your service to Satan. The last place Id go for an update on the latest scientific advances is the suicide bombers. What a bunch of morons! Here in Hell all the men are under a literal witchs spell that of the Whore of Babylon. Men are literally sex slaves beasts of burden blinded and charmed by the dolls. As a powerful wizard, Im going to break that spell and wake all the men up. In turn, Im going

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Property Rights Essay Research Paper CONTENTSSUMMARYI Some free essay sample

Property Rights Essay, Research Paper CONTENTSSUMMARYI. Some Basicss A. Public Goals and Private Rights B. Who has power and why of the Property Rights Debate C. The Concern with Land D. Unresolved Threshold Issues II. Takings Law Overview A. History B. Supreme Court Takings Law Today C. Takings Law in the Lower Courts of Greatest Interest to the Federal Government III. Federal Programs That Raise Takings Issues IV. Federal Property Rights Legislation A. Before the Property Rights Movement B. Property Rights Movement Approaches C. Pros and Cons: Assessment Bills D. Pros and Cons: Compensation Bills V. Elaboration on Two Key Issues Underlying Property Rights Legislation A. Whether Amendments to the Federal Programs of Greatest Concern Might Be Sufficient B. Adequacy of the Constitutional Remedy VI. Conclusion SUMMARYThe belongings rights issue arises because social ends are sometimes pursued through authorities limitations on the usage of private belongings. At underside, it is the antique struggle between public ends and private rights. We will write a custom essay sample on Property Rights Essay Research Paper CONTENTSSUMMARYI Some or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The belongings rights issue has flared up because of ( 1 ) an addition in authorities limitations on private land usage in recent decennaries ; ( 2 ) increased Supreme Court protection of private belongings, and ( 3 ) the political entreaty of the belongings rights issue as an indirect agencies for easing regulative controls. Almost ever, it is land, instead than some other signifier of belongings, on which the argument centres. Two threshold issues meriting intervention in the argument are the definition of a belongings right, and how many such rights really are being affected by federal programs.The belongings rights issue should non be confused with the taking issue, which deals entirely with how the tribunals interpret the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment. The issues are linked, nevertheless, since a premiss of the belongings rights motion appears to be that pass oning proprietors to their constitutional redress is unjust.As it applies to existent belongings, Supreme Court r eturns jurisprudence requires plaintiff to first demo a knowable belongings involvement, and so to fulfill ripeness necessities. As to the taking inquiry itself, complainant must demo that the consequence of the authorities usage limitation on his belongings is terrible, as measured by individual application of the # 8220 ; Penn Central factors. # 8221 ; In a few fortunes, a per Se taking regulation applies, as when authorities effects a lasting physical business or complete riddance of economic usage ( without implicating the # 8220 ; nuisance freedom # 8221 ; ) . If a pickings is found, compensation must be paid.Recent returns cases against the United States root from a broad scope of federal plans, though Congress focuses chiefly on the environmental 1s. Federal environmental plans involved in a important sum of returns judicial proceeding in recent old ages include the wetlands plan, excavation limitations, tracks to trails, and # 8220 ; Superfund # 8221 ; killings. The En dangered Species Act has generated merely a smattering of instances, but one can non needfully deduce therefrom that the Act is holding small impact on private property.Most belongings rights statute law falls into either the assessment measure or compensation measure class. Assessment measures call on federal bureaus to measure the returns deductions of their proposed actions, while compensation measures set a statutory threshold for compensation independent of the Constitution. Intense policy statements swirl around each. Two issues worthy of particular attending are whether amendments to the federal plans of greatest belongings rights concern might rid of any demand for freestanding belongings rights statute law, and whether the constitutional compensation redress is adequate.We # 8217 ; ve ever had belongings rights. But now we have a belongings rights motion and a belongings rights issue. In merely a few old ages, the impression that authorities attempts to protect environment , public wellness and safety, natural resources, historic sites, and so on may endanger the rights of belongings proprietors has gone from occasional reference to omnipresent political presence. Approximately two twelve measures incorporating commissariats explicitly directed at protecting belongings rights were introduced in the 103rd Congress. ( 1 ) Most perceivers believe that the new political make-up of the 104th Congress and the being of a belongings rights proviso in the House Republican # 8220 ; Contract with America # 8221 ; signal even greater congressional attending to the issue.I. Some BasicsA. Public Goals and Private RightsThe belongings rights issue arises because social ends are sometimes pursued through authorities limitations on the usage of private belongings. Reduced to its necessities, the issue is but another facet of the many-sided tenseness in any society between public ends and private rights. The belongings rights contention is made peculiarly intractable by the fact that some of the public ends ( such as environmental unity ) and the private right ( in belongings ) are among our most cardinal and loosely supported.Assuming that Congress continues to encompass regulative agencies for accomplishing these ends, the belongings rights issue will stay with us. Stated in economic footings, as the issue frequently is, the inquiry is where the cost load of public plans should fall. If Congress does non step in and leaves belongings proprietors to their constitutional redress in the tribunals, some costs will necessarily fall on belongings proprietors. This is because landholder wins in constitutional # 8220 ; taking # 8217 ; cases are few. On the other manus, if Congress creates a generous compensation redress for landholders, the costs will fall more to a great extent on the taxpaying public, or instead bring forth a major push back in regulative plans impacting private land.Striking this balance between public and private costs is neces sarily bound up with political doctrine # 8212 ; with one # 8217 ; s position of the proper balance between the involvements and duties of society on the one manus, and those of the person on the other.B. Who has the power and why, of the Property Rights DebateCertainly a cardinal ground for the burgeoning belongings rights motion is that at all degrees of authorities, limitations on the usage of private land have become more common in recent decennaries. Such ordinance has long existed ; so, it was well-established in colonial times. ( 2 ) Yet today these controls # 8211 ; federal, province, and local # 8212 ; look to be more permeant, and are frequently accused of being obscure and randomly enforced. The filling in of certain wetlands, the serious alteration of endangered species habitat, the strip excavation of land, the usage of contaminated land # 8212 ; all of these activities have been subjected to federal limitation merely since the 1970s. Two high-profile incidents tha t catalyzed the belongings rights motion were the federal authorities # 8217 ; s acceptance in 1989 of an expansive definition of wetlands ( since abandoned ) and the appellation of the northern patched bird of Minerva as a threatened species in 1990, necessitating logging limitations on old-growth wood in the Pacific Northwest.A 2nd ground for the motion # 8217 ; s dominance, evidently an branch of the first, is the impetus of the U.S. Supreme Court in recent old ages toward expanded protections for belongings proprietors under the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment. ( 3 ) These determinations of the High Court have been subjected to intense media and scholarly examination. In a related vena, the motion has drawn inspiration from a outstanding libertarian reinterpretation of the Takings Clause by Professor Richard Epstein. ( 4 ) A 3rd factor is the political entreaty of the belongings rights issue as an indirect mechanism for conveying approximately legislative retrenchment of environmental and other federal plans. Some scholarly remark on President Reagan # 8217 ; s # 8220 ; federal returns # 8221 ; executive order of 19885 saw the order in this visible radiation, as aimed at regulative decreases every bit much as protecting belongings rights, ( 6 ) and its legislative opposite numbers today may function the same double map. Prior to the Republican electoral expanse in 1994, the perceptual experience was that a Democrat-controlled Congress would be improbable to significantly restrict regulative environmental plans. Hence, measures aimed nominally at protection of belongings rights, but probably every bit good to convey about an moderation of environmental ordinance, became appealing vehicles to some Members.By and big, protagonists of the belongings rights agenda come from three identifiable groups. ( 7 ) The first consists of landholders # 8212 ; sometimes of modest agencies, sometimes non # 8212 ; who have personally experienced governmental def eat of proposed land uses, or fright they someday might. In add-on, this group includes those who do non wish their lands condemned for inclusion in national Parkss, wild and scenic rivers, etc. # 8212 ; the confidence of compensation through the disapprobation continuing notwithstanding. Descriptions of brushs between single landholders and the authorities provide the belongings rights motion with its most emotionally appealing, though frequently most anecdotal, instances in point.The 2nd group embraces industries with direct economic involvements in cut downing authorities ordinance of land # 8212 ; both their ain and federally owned. Most evidently, it includes existent estate developers, husbandmans, ranchers, and the extractive industries ( excavation, lumber, oil and gas ) . ( 8 ) The 3rd group consists of those who come to the belongings rights issue as a affair of political doctrine # 8212 ; conservativists, libertarians, certain economic experts, and others who adopt a p latform of minimum authorities presence and/or market ( instead than regulative ) solutions.Opposed to belongings rights statute law are a broad array of groups that stress the social benefits deducing from authorities # 8217 ; s ability to modulate private belongings usage, and see such statute law as impeding that ability. While conservationists are doubtless cardinal participants, there are many others. Besides included are certain groups stand foring huntsmans and fishermen, historic preservationists, labour, the disableds, senior citizens, consumers, designers and contrivers, and scientists. Some civil rights and public wellness organisations have voiced resistance as good, as have some spiritual groups. Finally, several groups stand foring province and local authoritiess have urged Congress non to ordain belongings rights statute law. ( 9 ) C. The Concern with LandTypically, when belongings rights advocates plead their instance, the focal point is on direct authorities interv ention with the usage of in private owned land # 8211 ; secondarily, possibly, H2O rights. Merely seldom is it suggested that the countless actions taken by authorities that indirectly affect belongings value # 8212 ; revenue enhancements, involvement rates alterations, trade policy, resettlement of authorities employees, allowing of locally unsought installations, main road building, etc. # 8212 ; should calculate in the argument. Neither is it frequently claimed that belongings other than land and H2O rights should be of major concern.Why this focal point on land, instead than personal belongings, is itself a absorbing inquiry. No 1 appears to recommend that when the Federal Reserve Board hikes the federal financess rate and stock monetary values tumble, the authorities should counterbalance for the decline of stock value. To what extent are the sensible outlooks of a stock proprietor, in footings of future value fluctuations, different than those of a landholder? Is it that th e stock proprietor may be assumed to cognize that the hazard of significant losingss is portion of the game, while such hazard traditionally has non been a concern of the landholder? Or should the landholder, excessively, be held to anticipate broad fluctuations, given the ubiquitousness of authorities land-use ordinance today? ( 10 ) A major factor explicating the land accent in the belongings rights argument is the alone position of land among species of belongings. Questions of land usage # 8220 ; are inexorably tied up with issues about the nature of society, issues of freedom and duty, community and democracy. # 8221 ; ( 11 ) A cardinal attractive force of the New World to Europeans prior to the Twentieth Century was land, frequently granted by the Crown or colonial and federal authoritiess on generous footings. ( 12 ) Indications are that the Framers, most of them major landholders, viewed private belongings as procuring a domain of personal autonomy against arbitrary author ities. ( 13 ) More late, the Supreme Court indicated it would be less regardful to authorities ordinance of existent belongings, as contrasted with personal belongings, in judging returns challenges. ( 14 ) In any event, there are two chief ways that authorities plans in the United States straight affect private land usage. First, authorities may physically occupy private land, by its ain agents or by external forces set in gesture by authorities actions. The authoritative illustration, richly reflected in the early Supreme Court takings instances, is when authorities dikes, levees, etc. , cause implosion therapy of private land lying outside the flowage easement condemned. A modern-day illustration is the Superfund killing, in which a private landholder may be required to let installing of monitoring equipment for an indefinite period.It is non physical invasions, nevertheless, but instead usage limitations, that are the brassy point in the belongings rights contention. The targeti ng of usage limitations may be because lasting physical invasions, no affair how minor, are per se paying under constitutional returns jurisprudence. Hence, invasive authorities actions are normally accompanied by formal disapprobation proceedings in which the landholder is compensated. By contrast, for a mere usage limitation to trip constitutional compensation the bead in land value must be terrible. The contention of the belongings rights motion is that authorities has become indurate to such non-physical, regulative impacts on landholders because it knows that few will run into the constitutional threshold for compensation. Environmentalists and others dispute the charge, nevertheless, and argue that coercing authorities to pay for less-than-severe limitations on land usage would be prohibitively expensive, compromising the accomplishment of societal ends that polls indicate are widely endorsed by the American public.D. Unresolved Threshold IssuesThe belongings rights argument t ends to entangle down in portion because no 1 knows exactly how much adverse ( or good ) impact on private landholders federal plans are holding. Property rights groups tell of little landholders being robbed of any economic usage of their belongings, and developers being needlessly delayed, by arbitrary federal administrative officials ; environmental groups assert that such cases are comparatively few and that in any event there is no right to set one # 8217 ; s land to harmful usage. The Corps of Engineers notes that out of 15,000 single wetlands licenses applied for each twelvemonth, merely 500 are denied, but oppositions allege that many wetland proprietors withdraw their applications out of defeat with the procedure, or because they believe the license will be denied. No elaborate study O f the private belongings impacts of any federal plan appears to be, and given the complexness of the issue, there may neer be one. Yet another basic issue # 8212 ; what is a belongings right? # 8212 ; is frequently left wholly unmentioned in the belongings rights argument. Almost no 1 asserts that belongings rights are absolute and unqualified, such that the purchase of land confers upon its proprietor a right to compensation for any later adopted usage limitation. Most belongings rights advocators acknowledge that the right to utilize one # 8217 ; s land is limited by the ancient common jurisprudence axiom # 8220 ; Sic utere excessively at alienum non laedas # 8221 ; # 8212 ; one should utilize his ain belongings so as non to wound others. But the scope of hurts conceded to condition belongings rights under this axiom is narrow # 8211 ; frequently, merely direct, physical impacts on the belongings of one # 8217 ; s neighbours such as would represent common jurisprudence nuisance. ( 15 ) By contrast, those more kindly disposed to authorities plans that may curtail belongings usage point out that belongin gs rights historically have evolved. Such development, it is contended, has been driven by new social apprehensions and values, even when to the disadvantage of bing proprietors. ( 16 ) The evolving-rights position is embodied in the Supreme Court # 8217 ; s Lucas determination, which teaches that no taking occurs when a authorities limitation could hold been imposed under nuisance or belongings jurisprudence bing when the complainant # 8217 ; s land was acquired. ( 17 ) Under this regulation, a alteration in the jurisprudence means that a subsequent purchaser of an affected package obtains a different package of belongings rights than his predecessor had. 18 Regulatory advocators besides cite the proverb about the landholder # 8217 ; s rights being limited when injuries may ensue, but for them the scope of conditioning injuries is broader than for belongings rights advocators, encompassing non merely direct injuries to one # 8217 ; s neighbours but besides indirect impacts on e ndangered species, ecosystem services, and biodiversity. ( 19 ) Each side has a failing. That of the belongings rights place is its opposition to admiting the historical mutableness of belongings rights as social values and precedences change. That of the other side is its opposition to accepting any bounds on that mutableness # 8212 ; that is, on the authorities # 8217 ; s ability to specify which belongings utilizations will be deemed harmful, therefore regulable without compensation.II. Returns Law OverviewThe belongings rights issue should non be confused with the # 8220 ; returns # 8221 ; issue. The returns issue, purely talking, trades with how the tribunals determine when the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment demands compensation. It is a affair of constitutional jurisprudence. By contrast, the belongings rights issue is much broader, encompassing a drawn-out docket of proposals by which authorities interventions with private land usage might be minimized, or might tr ip compensation beyond what is constitutionally required. It is a affair of policy.But while the two issues are different, they are inextricably linked. The returns issue may be regarded as the point of going for the belongings rights issue, since a premiss of the belongings rights motion is that the current system of righting landholders by necessitating them to register # 8220 ; taking # 8221 ; suits against the authorities has non proved just and merely to landholders. Therefore, a brief study of the instance jurisprudence construing the Takings Clause is needed at this point. ( 20 ) A. HistoryThe Takings Clause is a late bloomer. It was about a century after the Bill of Rights # 8217 ; acceptance before the Supreme Court, in 1871, granted that the Takings Clause could be invoked by the landholder against the authorities, as contrasted with its traditional usage in an eminent sphere action by the authorities against the landholder. ( 21 ) After that, it was another half centur y, until 1922, before the Court was willing to spread out the handiness of such landholder # 8220 ; taking # 8221 ; actions from physical invasions and straight-out appropriations of land to mere ordinance of land usage, the hot subject today. ( 22 ) And after taking that bold measure # 8212 ; the birth of the # 8220 ; regulative taking # 8221 ; construct # 8212 ; the Court mostly ignored the land usage facets of its new philosophy for yet another half century.It was non until 1978 that the Supreme Court began a sustained attempt to shoot order into this frustrating country. In that twelvemonth, in Penn Central Transportation Co. v. New York City, the Court found that application of New York City # 8217 ; s historic saving regulation so as to barricade the building of a 40-story office tower atop Grand Central Station effected no pickings. ( 23 ) In making its retention, the Court set out a comprehensive, yet obscure, list of # 8220 ; influential factors # 8221 ; for repair ing the line between paying and noncompensable ordinance. These factors, repeated mantra-like since 1978 by about every tribunal make up ones minding a regulative pickings instance, are ( 1 ) the economic impact of the authorities action, ( 2 ) the extent to which the authorities action interfered with sensible investment-backed outlooks, and ( 3 ) the # 8220 ; character # 8221 ; of the authorities action. ( 24 ) At the same clip as it announced the above three factors, the Penn Central tribunal reiterated that whether a authorities ordinance is a taking can non be based on mechanical application of fixed rules. Rather, it is a finding based on # 8220 ; equity and justness, # 8221 ; uniting close examination of the facts with ad hoc, individual analysis. ( 25 ) Therefore, Penn Central factors notwithstanding, returns jurisprudence continued to be sensitive to the reconciliation of involvements and injuries in each peculiar instance, though necessarily at the disbursal of lucidit y and predictability of outcome.In the 17 old ages since Penn Central, the Supreme Court has maintained its presence in the returns country through more than two twelve determinations. This instance jurisprudence began what will doubtless be a go oning attempt by the Court to impart greater lucidity to this murky # 8212 ; some would state incoherent # 8212 ; kingdom of constitutional jurisprudence. Decisions during this period tackled a assortment of inquiries as to mature ( When is a taking claim sufficiently concrete to justify judicial intercession? ) , criterions for finding returns ( as for physical invasions, complete riddance of economic usage, conditions on licenses, etc. ) , and redress ( Once a tribunal finds a pickings, what response does the Takings Clause necessitate? ) . Despite its general penchant for ad hoc analysis of returns claims, the Court in these determinations identified several fortunes where a # 8220 ; bright line # 8221 ; regulation applies # 8212 ; that is, where the complex reconciliation of Penn Central factors can be bypassed.With some exclusions, one may state that the Court # 8217 ; s more recent determinations ( 1987 to the present ) moved Takings Clause law toward greater protection of belongings rights. However, this move has been modest # 8212 ; much less than many conservativists might want. To day of the month, for illustration, the Court has neer found a regulative pickings in the absence of a governmental physical invasion of land or a virtually entire riddance of a piece of land # 8217 ; s economic use.As, for the hereafter, the balance between the Court # 8217 ; s conservativists, centrists, and progressives will be cardinal. Votes in several of the Court # 8217 ; s recent land use/taking instances make unambiguously plain that where a justness stands on the taking inquiry may depend mostly on his or her political doctrine. Justices Rehnquist and Scalia, by and large regarded as among the Court # 8217 ; s most conservative members, have emerged as strong advocators for greater private belongings protection. Justices by and large regarded as broad or moderate, such as Stevens and Blackmun, have normally taken the authorities side. Intensifying the importance of this ideological component is the fact that many of the recent land use/taking instances in the Court were decided on razor-thin borders. ( 26 ) Therefore, future assignments to the Court may be pivotal.B. Supreme Court Takings Law TodayGiven the ambiguity of some Supreme Court returns determinations, here is as clear a synthesis of the Court # 8217 ; s returns jurisprudence that one can offer # 8212 ; as it applies to existent property.First, complainant must show the being of a belongings involvement, one which he or she owned on the day of the month of the alleged pickings. ( Recently, the lower federal tribunals, possibly taking a cue from the Lucas principle, have added a demand that complainant show a # 8220 ; paying a nticipation # 8221 ; in the usage sought to be made of the belongings. ) As a 2nd threshold affair, the returns complainant has to avoid dismissal on ripeness evidences. To win in this, complainant must, before actioning, obtain a concluding and important finding from authorities as to what usage may be made of the land. The fact that a authorities bureau has simply asserted legal power over a belongings is non by itself a footing for a pickings, since the needed bureau blessing, one time applied for, may be granted. Showing simply that one # 8217 ; s first pick for how to develop a piece of land has been rejected besides is non plenty, since scaled-down ( yet still economically feasible ) versions of the undertaking may be approved. If blessing is denied, complainant must wash up all possibilities of discrepancies or other administratively given exclusions, unless prosecuting them would be ineffectual under the fortunes. Finally, complainant must wash up any avenues for administr ative compensation ( seldom available at the federal degree ) .Once these hurdlings are surmounted, the instance moves to the taking issue itself. Here, it is utile to form treatment around the Penn Central factors noted above.First, the # 8220 ; economic impact # 8221 ; factor. The Court has been emphasized that non all economic impacts and declines in land value as a consequence of authorities action are returns. In fact, the recitation of economic impact as a taking factor notwithstanding, it seems that really few such hurts are. For illustration, there is no right to set land to its most profitable ( # 8221 ; highest and best # 8221 ; ) usage. Rather, it seems that all, or about all, economic utilizations of a package must be eliminated by a ordinance before the taking claim is feasible. Using the parallel construct of value loss, the Court has said that declines in land value, standing entirely, are neer sufficient to anchor a taking claim, and has upheld authorities ordina nce subjecting belongingss to 92-1/2 and 75 per centum value loss.When, nevertheless, the economic impact of the authorities # 8217 ; s action reaches the grade that all usage of a package has been destroyed, there is a categorical pickings # 8212 ; no other Penn Central factors need be considered. Even in this utmost instance, nevertheless, there is an exclusion. If the utilizations proposed by the landholder could hold been prevented under background rules of nuisance and belongings jurisprudence bing at the clip the land was acquired, there is no taking. One should non be compensated, grounds the Court, for the denial of a right one neer had. Apparently, such # 8220 ; background rules # 8221 ; may be drawn from both common jurisprudence and statutory jurisprudence, both federal and state.Second, the # 8220 ; intervention with sensible investment-backed outlooks # 8221 ; factor. Though really a corollary of the economic impact factor, investment-backed outlooks are normally discussed individually. Underliing this factor is a land buyer # 8217 ; s trust involvement in being able to recognize the lawful usage or utilizations of the piece of land that motivated the purchase. This factor has been developed chiefly in the land use/taking determinations of the lower courts.In estimating either economic impact or intervention with investment-backed outlooks, tribunals look at the # 8220 ; parcel as a whole, # 8221 ; non simply the affected portion.Third, the # 8220 ; character of the authorities action # 8221 ; factor. First and first, this factor subsumes the great divide in returns jurisprudence between physical and regulative interventions with private belongings. Because a physical invasion undermines the most cherished belongings right # 8212 ; the right to except others # 8212 ; it has systematically been subjected to greater judicial examination in takings instances. Physical businesss, when they are lasting and non consented to, are per se retu rns in most cases. On the other manus, impermanent physical invasions may or may non be returns, depending on which manner the other Penn Central factors point.A 2nd major constituent of the # 8220 ; character # 8221 ; factor is the regulations for the dedication and exaction conditions frequently imposed by authoritiess as stipulations for allowing a development license. Such conditions must turn to the same jobs as the license strategy itself, and may non enforce a load on the license applier that is greater than # 8220 ; approximately relative # 8221 ; to the load that the proposed land usage would enforce on the community. A failure to run into these authorizations is a per Se taking.A 3rd major constituent is involvement reconciliation. Though frequently merely inexplicit in the Court # 8217 ; s determinations, it seems that a deliberation of the authorities purpose being advanced by the belongings limitation against the load on the belongings proprietor remains portion of returns law.Often portion of # 8220 ; character # 8221 ; analysis, excessively, is the grade to which impacts on landholders are accompanied by countervailing benefits ; the phrase # 8220 ; mean reciprocality of advantage # 8221 ; is frequently mentioned by the Supreme Court in this respect. The authoritative illustration is districting jurisprudence, which may restrict the usage of a package but benefit it every bit good, by likewise curtailing the usage of neighbouring belongingss. Still other judicial enquiries frequently made under the rubric of # 8220 ; character # 8221 ; analysis are whether the loads of the authorities act are borne by a few but the benefits shared in by many, and whether a belongings proprietor has been singled out to bear greater load under the regulative plan than others likewise situated.If after using these factors or per Se regulations a tribunal discerns a pickings, the belongings proprietor must be compensated. But the authorities has options. At least where practical, it may revoke its piquing action and pay the proprietor entirely for the impermanent pickings during the clip that the action was in consequence. Or, it may go forth the action in topographic point, accepting liability for the lasting pickings of property.C. Returns Law in the Lower Courts of Greatest Interest to the Federal GovernmentWhile the Supreme Court # 8217 ; s determinations on returns are evidently of import, merely a minuscule part of judicial proceeding of all time reaches that stratospheric degree. For returns claims against the United States, the big bulk of instances are eventually determined in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, a test tribunal, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, with appellant legal power over the Court of Federal Claims. Under the Tucker Act, about all returns claims against the federal crowned head must be filed in the Court of Federal Claims, ( 27 ) puting this once-obscure tribunal at the oculus of t he storm.For two extra grounds, the returns determinations of these two lower tribunals have taken on peculiar significance. First, there are elephant-sized spreads in the Supreme Court # 8217 ; s instance jurisprudence on returns # 8212 ; major issues that the Court has non yet had the chance or will to decide. This provides a vacuity for the

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Law School Admission Personal Essay

Law School Admission Personal Essay Law School Admission Personal Essay Law School Admission Personal Essay While reading Law School Admission Personal Essay you should remember about the main criterion. Essay writing must be personal! While choosing admission essay topicsyou must show your individuality. Illustrate your ideas with vivid examples from your life. Give admission officers an opportunity to learn something interesting about your personality. Admission essay writing is the only way to persuade the reader that you are an appropriate candidate for the law school. Do not ask your friends to write law school admission person essay for you! Be honest while writing law school admission essay and present your personal opinion with examples. Alternatively, you may ask professional writer working at to assist you with writing. Help to write admission essay Editing law school admission personal essay check the following: Is your personal essay about you? You may smile, but this question is the best for checking personal admission essay. Sure, you may not accidentally write about Michael Jackson, however, you may accidentally include some details which perfect you. In most cases, dishonesty is disclosed very quickly. If it is difficult for you to answer this question, raise the alarm: maybe you just went away from the posed question while writing law school essay. What is said about you in college admission essay? Let's suppose that you were able to agree with your alter ego and essay was written about you. To answer the question above, write all the words that directly or indirectly describe you. Do they correspond to your personality or individuality you are trying to create? For example, you would like to describe yourself as 'white' and 'fluffy' (search keywords: white, fluffy), but in the whole essay you found only 'black' and 'slimy' Is the essay written by you? Do not panic, this is not a test for amnesia. Good essays should be approximate to your style as much as possible. In extreme cases, the whole essay must be written in one style. It's similar to strawberry cream: some say 'funny', some say 'odious'. Is it really an essay? You may be astonished by such type of question, but this question is really important. Some candidates, instead of essay, often write reports or another paper. Avoid such a mistake. Write a coherent paper with introduction, main part, and conclusion. At the end check the introduction and conclusion. Reading the introduction, admission officer must want to read the whole essay. To understand the value of the introduction, simply put it aside. If the essay looks effective without introduction - your introduction isn't original. Try to rewrite it. As for essay conclusion, it should be brief and summarize your main points. You are welcome to request custom law school admission personal essay writing help at .com. We know how to create an impressive and properly written admission essay for you! Check this out: Read more: Persuasive Essays on Abortion Essay Papers Draft Essay Rough Essays on the Intranet Womens Rights Essay

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The Globalisation of McDonalds and the Role of Management Essay

The Globalisation of McDonalds and the Role of Management - Essay Example McDonald’s Conquers the world. Fortune, October, 17, 103-116. 12 VIGNALI, C. 2001. McDonald’s:â€Å"think global, act local†Ã¢â‚¬â€œthe marketing mix. British Food Journal, 103, 97-111. 12 WATSON, J. L. 2006. Golden arches east: McDonald's in East Asia, Stanford Univ Pr. 12 Executive Summary McDonalds is a widely known brand that is recognised throughout the world. It was begun by Ray Kroc who saw potential in a small drive-in restaurant ran by two brothers. Through his passion and leadership the company grew to its current standing and continues to grow. This report focus on four aspects, first it examines what traits made Ray Kroc and James Cantalupo good leaders and good managers for the company. Following this it examines the elements of business strategies for the company and how they increase the business. Then it considers the fast food industry as a whole and finally looks at changes in organisation to make it more globalized. Introduction McDonalds is a multinational corporation that spans the globe, and is often considered one of the most successful business empires. The franchise was originally born from a drive-in restaurant named McDonald’s Bar-B-Que which began in 1940. In 1948 the restaurant was shut down for alterations and reopened as a drive-in restaurant, selling a total of nine items, the most important of which was the 15 cent hamburger. The big change to the business came when salesman 52-year old Ray Kroc visited McDonalds and takes a position as a nationwide franchising agent for the company (McDonalds, 2011). Following the introduction of Kroc to the company McDonalds become connected to many of the icons and symbols that it is associated with today. The first restaurant had red and white tiles as well as the now famous Golden Arches which... McDonalds is a multinational corporation that spans the globe, and is often considered one of the most successful business empires. The franchise was originally born from a drive-in restaurant named McDonald’s Bar-B-Que which began in 1940. In 1948 the restaurant was shut down for alterations and reopened as a drive-in restaurant, selling a total of nine items, the most important of which was the 15 cent hamburger. The big change to the business came when salesman 52-year old Ray Kroc visited McDonalds and takes a position as a nationwide franchising agent for the company. Following the introduction of Kroc to the company McDonalds become connected to many of the icons and symbols that it is associated with today. The first restaurant had red and white tiles as well as the now famous Golden Arches which were designed for the brand. Within the space of ten years more than 700 McDonald’s restaurants had opened across the United States. McDonalds expanded internationally in 1967 by opening restaurants in Puerto Rico and Canada. In the present day, the corporation has restaurants in 117 countries worldwide, with the total restaurant number totalling over 32,000. McDonalds faced many challenges with its worldwide expansion. An example of this was its expansion into India. In 1996 it opened its first restaurant in New Delhi, where it drew substantial criticism for the sale of beef I its other restaurants, even though it was not offering beef products in New Delhi.

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Can Selling Arrangements Be Harmonised Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Can Selling Arrangements Be Harmonised - Essay Example First off, the author claims to rediscover the issue of the internal market from the rational point of view in the scope of other relationships and vital constituents the nation gets in the economical and social sense. In this respect Davis admits that positive harmonization has a broader remit, because the Treaty makes clear that the internal market is to be a market which respects non-trade values.1 Given that, the movement of goods in the course of judicially confirmed agreements and arrangements should strive to be harmonized at a particular point of interaction within the internal market. However, such integration requires a deeper analysis of positive and negative implication related to selling arrangements and the point of harmonization. ... Due to the fact that the article 95 serves a powerful instrument toward establishment of more democratic ways of the internal market functioning, there is still less points on the equality proviso. On the other hand, the article 28 is put forward to reclaim the feasibility of the Courts to make sure the trade agreements are made in keeping with the best tradition of the European letter of law. To say more, the article takes notice of the national law regulations serving for proportionality as it is.4 Looking at harmonization through a lens of debates referred to the consumers’ rights, Keck doctrine emphasizes the extent of distortions. Therefore, the competition in trade relationships is merely based on the quality and transparency of the policy-making approaches by the trade companies, it is vital to mention that the distortions of competition is a normal phenomenon in the economic activity among different states. Davis highlights in his article that the difference in views o n the internal market development and the way it should be presented in a developed country serves a driven power for the emergence of distortions: In fact the relative cost differences resulting from more or less strict consumer contracts may well be extremely marginal. Consumer measures are not primarily concerned with quanta of damages, which might have, for some industries, significant economic impact5 Influence of selling arrangements cannot but be visible on a state’s performance in the world arena. The fact is that the de minimis rule is one of the core elements to provoke distortions as the opinions will differ regarding the commercial versus social implications for the society. Whereas article 95 is more relevant